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ASP (Web Services) / Software
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  • 35 USD for Business Account subscription
  • 3.50 USD for Starter Account subscription

*Coinback will be in the form of CIM, which value is equivalent to the percentage of purchase or fixed amount shown.


JW Player is the New York-based company that pioneered video on the web. As creators of the world’s first open source video player in 2008, we powered the original YouTube and have since expanded to video hosting and streaming, advertising, and analytics for 1 billion monthly unique viewers in 200 countries. By joining our affiliate program, you can offer publishers a flexible, powerful solution for visual storytelling.

JW Player’s Starter plan, affordable at just $60 per year, is ideal for content creators and front-end web developers. Our more robust Business plan, priced at $600 per year, is geared toward small businesses and marketing agencies.

Applicable to

  • PC
  • SP
  • Tablet